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Plants, Citrus and Fruit trees, Berries and Grapes

Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, Landscape shrub, and Climber Roses


We carry top grade roses; Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, Landscape shrub, and Climbers. We buy the best from Star Roses and Weeks Roses.

GMO Free Veggies & Herbs

Veggie & Herbs

The best tasting produce will come from your own garden. At Gold Leaf we grow only GMO free veggies & herbs. All our retail veggie & herbs seeds are GMO free also. You do have control over what you eat, and we are your headquarters for Organic Growing. 2018 Vegetable List

Citrus, Fruit Trees, Berries and Grapes

Citrus & Fruit Trees

Pick fresh fruit from your own yard. Beautiful and functional citrus and fruit trees also enhance landscaping. We carry a large selection of fruit and citrus trees, as well as berries & grapes. To find out more about our suppliers log onto fourwindsgrowers.com for our citrus and lecooke.com for our fruit, nut, berries & grapes. Click here to view the 10 Tips For Citrus Success.

Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs and Trees are the foundation of any landscape design. They offer color, fragrance, shade & privacy. Shrubs & trees will thrive when they’re planted in the right place. Gold Leaf is here to help you choose the right shrubs and trees that work best for your landscape.

Bare Root Stock Plants And Trees


Bareroot season usually starts early January and continues through March. This is when we have our best selection of fruit trees, berries and grapes at the best price. Bare root stock plants or trees are ones that are field grown for superior size. The soil is removed from the roots, hence the name bare root. Bare root stock are also normally around 50% of the cost on non-bare root stock. Don’t miss out on the savings! *Please call store for availability.

Plant Food & RX

Plant Food & RX

Better solutions come from a knowledgeable staff. If you have plant problems, we will help you ID the problem and the proper solutions. At Gold Leaf we carry both Traditional and Organic treatments.

Black Gold Potting Soil

Soil & Amendments

Conditioning your soil is the first step to healthy plants and trees. We carry top of the line soil amendments that help to enhance the soil properties, especially for our clay soil. We want to educate our customers about the importance of healthy soil. *We are your headquarters for Organic solutions.

Fountains and Bird Baths

Fountains & Bird Baths

Fountains can improve the overall look of your landscape, while adding the soothing sounds of water. Create a place you can sneak away to relax and unwind. Click on Art Craft Statuary, Inc., choose the statuary and color and Gold Leaf will place your order.

Massarelli Statuary


Choose from a variety of statuary piecess that will look good in any yard. Click on Massarelli Statuary, choose the statuary and color and Gold Leaf will place your order.

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