Tips For Getting Your Soil Going For Your Tomatoes

John and Bob's Soil OptimizerUse John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer to rejuvenate your soils humus levels.
This highly concentrated, fully decomposed organic matter will add humus to create the soil environment needed for maximum plant vitality. With the beneficial soil micro-organisms this product helps fight plant disease and increase soil health.

Jongs GrowBetter™ All-Purpose Organic FertilizerUse GroBetter fertilizer to feed your tomato plants.
GroBetter All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner is derived from pure composted chicken manure and do not contain fillers. This compost production process destroys pathogens and weed seeds, resulting in a high quality, safe and low odor organic fertilizer that is pelletized for easy application. Use every 90 days for feeding tomatoes. Also Steve Goto (a tomato expert) recommended this product at the 2010 tomato seminar at Gold Leaf Nursery.