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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do blooms or fruit drop off?

Some fruit drop is normal, especially in hot summer months. If fruit or bloom drop is excessive, proper watering is often the solution. Extremely hot, dry, windy weather will trigger fruit drop. Be sure trees are well watered in these situations. If you observe excessive fruit and leaf drop a few days after a heavy watering, the tree became too dry before it was watered. In the future, be consistent in your watering schedule.

Why do leaves drop off or twigs die back?

Leaf drop and twig dieback can be caused by lack of light or too much water.

My tree grows at a rapid rate and has for years, but it doesn’t fruit. Why?

Possibly a rootstock sucker has taken over.

Why is the foliage yellow?

Two possibilities exist. Yellowed foliage can indicate lack of fertilizer, or overwatering to the point that the root tips are rotting and are not taking up nutrients. Cut back on watering to recommended rates, and be sure to fertilize appropriately.

How do I tell if fruit is ripe?

Keep in mind that all citrus fruits only ripen on the tree. The best way to determine ripeness for oranges is to watch for the color to change to orange, then check for a slight softening of the fruit. Sometimes a opaque sheen will develop on the skin. Lemons are ready when yellow, and generally hold the tree for months. Limes are smaller and ready when green; again, watch for a slight softening.

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